Free CE Course on Healthy Work Relationships

In the clinical field, there will always be more to learn. Keeping up with your continuing education courses can help you stay up-to-date on new developments in medicine, technology, and the healthcare industry at large. The information in a CE course is designed to inform your practice and options as a nurse, which is ultimately reflected in your ability to provide amazing care for your patients.

Trusted Health’s (free!) CE course, “Conflict Resolution, Healthy Workplace Relationships, and Career Empowerment as a Travel Nurse“, will take you step-by-step through the current state of travel nursing in the United States, frameworks for establishing healthy communication channels between yourself, patients, and colleagues, and strategies to further empower and educate yourself as a travel nurse.

Trusted Health is a company built by nurses, for nurses to understand what opportunities exist and connect them in the most efficient and transparent way possible!

Trusted Health has replaced the traditional job search and staffing approach with an intelligent matching platform and commission-free Nurse Advocates, empowering nurses to discover opportunities that fit their unique experiences, preferences, and goals.

(Full disclosure: I’m a happy affiliate of Trusted Health and receive a small dividend if you become a registered user at Trusted, which I highly recommend doing!)

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