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Coaching with Nurse Keith

I am a certified Nurse Coach and RN and I am here to help you create a successful, fulfilling nursing career. Whether you are looking for a nursing job, launching your own business or struggling with burnout, I can help you create the career you dream of.

Find out more about my coaching packages for nurses at all stages of their career:

Nurse job seekers

Nurse entrepreneurs

Burned out nurses

Nurse practitioners

Nurse Keith Nation

Nurse Keith Nation is my membership site and it has dozens of modules on job hunting, entrepreneurship, self-care and preventing burnout. Best of all, when you join, you get access to special classes and an entire community of nurses and nurse practitioners looking to create careers they love.

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Dianna Calareso, Boston, MA

“Keith’s professional resume speaks for itself–his varied and successful experience in nursing is clear, and gives credibility to someone seeking to coach others. But what you’d need someone else to tell you is what an incredible coach and mentor he is. Accessible, knowledgeable, kind, and challenging in all the right ways, Keith was exactly the right person to call when I began my nursing journey. He’s remained a constant support throughout, and any time I’ve needed to bounce an idea off someone, he’s there.

If you’re thinking of changing your career or furthering your current nursing career, you want Keith in your corner. No matter how far along I am in my journey, I will always consider Keith a mentor and inspiration.”

Karen Creamer, RN, BA, Wells, ME

Keith’s coaching came to me at exactly the right time. I’d been struggling for months to clarify my messaging and to better identify my audience, and my social media presence reflected that. Keith listened to my story (and he’s a great listener, because I am a talker!) and with his calm, steady manner and insightful guidance, he helped me sort through the issues to pull out some immediately actionable items. I applied the suggestions he made and by the end of the day my LinkedIn profile, blog, and Facebook pages expressed what I do so much more effectively. And this was all from just one coaching call! I highly recommend Keith’s coaching to anyone who wants to improve their online presence and to give their business a big leg up.”

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